Visualisation of domestic energy consumption

A visualisation of energy data over the course of half a year. Built by Peter Cook.

Year - +

A week is shown at a time, use the + and - buttons to step through the weeks.

Each day is represented by a ring, subdivided into 24 hourly segments. Each segment is shaded according to the electricity consumed in that hour.

Hover over any segment and the central display shows the electricity consumed in that day and hour.

Click the central display to cycle between 1) units consumed, 2) monetary cost and 3) CO2 emitted.


A Current Cost CC128 to measure the electricity consumption, a data cable to transfer the data in realtime to a netbook.

A simple Python script to save the incoming data to a database. A PHP script to process and serve out the data. Finally some html, css, JavaScript and the marvellous d3.js data-driven documents library.